companyTetrascope is a financial company operating in the renewable energy sector since 2010. The Company started its activities as a broker of permits to build photovoltaic plants.

The business quickly evolved in the in-house development of authorizations for a close group of international financial investors.

The objective of the Company was to capture the value generated by alternative energy projects from their initial conception phase to their completion and operational delivery, i.e. when plants get connected to the grid and start the production of electricity.

Since inception, the Company had the know-how and financial strength to source, to identify and to select projects with adequate risk-return profile, mobilizing long term financing debt and finding infrastructure funds and utilities investors for plants once connected and turned into operation.

After achieving the target of 30MW developed and financed, the change in the tariffs’ regulations in Italy and  Germany  was the incentive for the Company to enlarged its scope of business.

Thanks to the partnership with trs-energies Gmbh, Tetrascope became actively involved in the direct acquisition of already connected and operative energy parks benefiting from a steady revenue stream at reduced investment risk.

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As a result Tetrascope and trs-energies are currently jointly building a proprietary portfolio of alternative energy plants across Europe.

The expansion into the asset management business, however, did not change the nature of the Company whose

primary focus remains the origination and sourcing of investment opportunities in the alternative energy sector.

The Company is now developing projects in several countries with primary focus on Cyprus, the Balkans and Eastern Europe, based on Power Purchase Agreement, direct involvement of the local energy authorities and large international financing institutes.